The Association of Estonian Cities (AEC) is a voluntary union established for representing the common interests and arranging co-operation of cities and rural municipalities. Ensuring development of local governments through joint activities is the main goal of the AEC. The AEC was established on 19 September 1920.

The local governments belonging to the AEC cover more than two thirds of the population of Estonia and all Estonian regions are represented. The AEC is funded from the membership fees, the amount of which depends on the revenues of a member.

The General Assembly, which convenes at least once per election period, is the highest directing body of the Association. The members are represented by delegates whose number depends on the population in the territory of the local government.

At the time period between the two General Assemblies, the Council of the AEC shall perform the functions of the General Assembly. The Council convenes at least once per 3-month period. The members are represented by delegates whose number depends on the population in the territory of the local government.

The Board consisting of 5 members is the directing body of the AEC and administrative work is done by the bureau of 10 employees. Responsibilities of the AEC are:

– Representing the interests and protecting the rights of its members in the governmental and other institutions, including negotiations with the central government.
– Working out the position of the AEC in the issues of local government policy.
– Arranging co-operation between local governments, their associations and unions.
– Enhancing co-operation and twinning with local governments and their associations abroad as well as with international organisations.
– Dissemination of information to local governments and counselling local government officials.
– Providing training for politicians and officials of local governments.
– Informing the public about the activities of the AEC.

The bureau of the AEC, the executive director of which must be approved by the Board, manages the administrative work of AEC. The main tasks of the Bureau are to implement the decisions of the General Assembly and of the Governing Board. Today the Bureau employs 11 people and they are:

Mr. Jüri Võigemast, Director of the Bureau
Phone: (+372) 69 43 410

Ms. Inga Köster, Secretary
Phone: (+372) 69 43 411

Mr. Toivo Riimaa, Deputy Director, International Relations
Phone: (+372) 69 43 415

Mrs. Hille Ilves, Advisor, Public Policies, Legislation, Education, Culture, Youth
Phone: (+372) 69 43 423

Mr. Tiit Kirss, Advisor, Public Policies, Legislation, Financial Issues
Phone: (+372) 69 43 414

Mrs. Anne Läns, Advisor, Public Policies, Legislation
Phone: (+372) 69 43 413

Mrs. Irja Alakivi, Consultant, Environment, Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, International relations
Phone: (+372) 69 43 417

Mr. Kaimo Käärmann-Liive, Consultant, Public Policies, Legislation, CLRAE, CoR
Phone: (+372) 69 43 418

Ms. Triin Bõstrov, Press Officer
Phone: (+372) 69 43 429

Mrs.Tiiu Madal, Permanent Representative of the Association of Estonian Cities and the Association of Rural Municipalities of Estonia
Phone: (+372) 69 43 416 and 00-32-2-2138220


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